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Save You

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We save you from the hassles of fighting against the traffic & mall crowds. We save you from the stress of planning get-togethers for work or family and the worry about ways to keep the kids entertained. We save you from the headache of shopping for last minute gifts. We can save you from the tedious work of cleaning up after the entire family. We have the one and only exclusive service to save you from the dreadful trips to the post office and the long waiting line there just to mail customized gifts, decorative products, Christmas cards, letters and packages! You will be saved from the burden of juggling large boxes and awkwardly getting them up to the line in the post office and we can save you the confusion of what postage to use and methods for and the ever so pleasant exchanges with the people behind the counter. We even save you the trip to pick up those cards, letters and packages that may be there waiting for, especially those annoying ones being held behind the counter. Imagine saving the hustle and effort with door-to-door service pickup and delivery of all those presents and cards and all your mail, especially if you live in Stateline or nearby where there is no Postal Service to your home or business.

We can save your back and feet all the pain of running around, standing in lines, waiting at the counter while teenage Kirk figures out how to ring you up and saved from having to fight your way through the maze of people, traffic, parking lots, and chaos of holiday shopping and errands.
We can even help save your business’ bottom line for a more prosperous & profitable new year!

Check out our offers. Each of Our member companies will save you time, money, headache, stress, and worry and so much more have a stress-free happy holiday season for once. We’re here to save you!